Bojing Course | Health Care Meridian

Bojing Course | Health Care Meridian 健康脸部松筋

1 Minute Health Booster Healthy Face Meridian is Our Signature ‘Songjin’ intensively and effectively targets all face meridian channels and  acupuncture point to treat these internal and external factors simultaneously, we will address the physical, hormonal and emotional imbalances that may be present in your skin’s condition.
This is 4-in-1 skill learning  included Face, Eye, Ear & Neck.

1.What is Face Meridian?
2.The Difference between “SongJing” & “Gua Sha”
3.Benefits & Contraindication
4.Face main acupoint & effects
5.Face meridian channel & effects
6.Steps & procedures
7.Actual model practice
8.DIY Practice

Meridian Face Care uses a unique bojing tools (or Meridian tools) to sooth and break up tendons and qi knots, eliminate toxins and dead cells, regulate qi and blood and promote blood circulation. It also help to detox and remove excess toxins, enhancing skin immunity, improving skin tone and keeping skin lasting and healthy.

Effect of Meridian Face Care

1. Liver meridian,: adjust the liver detoxification function, enhance resistance and prevent sensitivity. (anti-sensitive)
2. Heart meridian: regulate the blood supply of the heart, and improve the phenomenon of dry skin due to lack of water. (Moisture booster)
3. Spleen meridian: adjust the dark yellow face caused by the decline of spleen function, and lack of nutrition (Rejuvenation and anti-aging)
4. Lung meridian: regulate the phenomenon of enlarged pores caused by decreased lung function. (Balance oil, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory)
5. Kidney meridian: regulate the phenomenon of dullness caused by decreased kidney function. (Whitening and moisturizing, even skin tone)

健康脸部松筋是我们SOQ 独门课程,针对疏通皮肤经络筋膜,回复筋膜弹性纤维,促进新陈代谢,课程教学脸部经络和穴位,改善脸部肌肉瘫痪,皮肤缺水,面部暗黄缺乏营养症状,平衡油脂,抗痘抗炎,美白保湿效果显著,还能有效的改善耳鸣,视力衰退,提高睡眠质量


Mode of training:Online + Classroom 
 Mandarin/ English
Venue:277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)


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