Bridal Make Up | Bridal Make Up

Bridal Make Up |  Bridal Make Up  新娘彩妆

A unique technique to adopts natural shades to bring out the best in each individual facial features and has designed and developed a proprietary bridal makeup course.

This course takes a step further and is for people who are serious about learning more in-depth about makeup and the various corrective techniques for different looks. Practical opportunities will be given to people so as to prepare them in pursuing further progression in this career

Module 1
* Personal and General Skincare
* Tools & Applicators
* Knowledge of Makeup Products
* Applying Foundation
* Achieving the Natural Look

Module 2
* Face Contouring & Blusher Application
* Eyebrow Trimming
* Eyeliner Technique
* Studying Lip Shapes
* Makeup for Dark Skin

Module 3
* False Eyelash Application
* Creating Double Eyelid Effect
* Makeup for Mature Skin
* Makeup for Men

Module 4
* Wedding Photo-shoot
* Day & Evening Makeup
* Smokey Eyes Makeup

Module 5
* The Understanding of Hair Products & Tools
* Basic & Korean Hairstyling Techniques


采用独特的技术,包括色彩学,新娘解析, 化妆技巧,脸型与五官的黄金比例,立体修容,在每个面部特征中发挥多款气质新娘妆最佳效果,并设计专业的新娘化妆课程。
专业新娘日妆与晚妆,妩媚优雅烟熏妆,婚纱摄影妆,妈妈妆 男士妆

本课程采用更新的技巧性,适用于认真学习或想要深入学习化妆和不同外观的各种矫正技巧的学生。 给予学生实战的新娘化妆生涯机会,使他们在这个职业中进一步追求做最好好准备


  • 个人和皮肤保养
  • 工具和材料
  • 化妆品知识
  • 粉底液的技巧& 展示自然的外观


  • 面部轮廓和腮红应用
  • 眉毛修剪
  • 眼线笔的技巧
  • 学习唇形
  • 黑皮肤妆容


  • 假睫毛应用
  • 创造双眼皮效果
  • 成熟肌肤的妆容
  • 男士妆容


  • 新娘摄影妆
  • 日和晚化妆
  • 烟熏妆


  • 了解头发和工具&基本与韩系新娘发型技巧

Language: Mandarin/ English
Venue: 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)


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Venue: 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858

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