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Beauty and Make Up | Best Beauty Courses For You

beauty and make up

Beauty and Make Up | Best Beauty Courses For You Learn beauty and make up course in Singapore, designed for individuals, beautician and professionals. Search and learn from Singapore top 20 best rating courses, which include facial course, body massage course, lash extension course, eyebrow course, palmistry course, breast care course, womb care course and MORE! […]

Eyeliner Course | Eyeliner Embroidery Course

Eyeliner Course | Eyeliner Embroidery Course 韩式半永久眼线课程 Eyeliner Course contains 3 in 1 eyeliner design include Beauty Eyeliner+ Lashes Eyeliner + Standard Eyeliner  6 type of Face shape 1.Introduction of Tattoo & Embroidery 2.Health & Safety 3.Contra-Indication 4.Eyeliner Design for different Eye Shape 5.Students Practice on paper or fake skin 6.Types of Embroidery pigments 7.Types of Eyeliner […]

Eyebrow Embroidery | Eyebrow Embroidery(Ombre .Misty. Gradient .Men)

Eyebrow Embroidery | Eyebrow Embroidery(Ombre .Misty. Gradient .Men) 粉黛纱雾眉毛纹绣 Korea Eyebrow Embroidery or Korea Misty Eyebrow is popular amongst the younger beauty-conscious, k-pop loving generation, especially those looking for ways to maintain a youthful look. Course include eyebrow design + 6 type of Face shape +4 Latest Style Eyebrow include natural ,K-Pop,Younger and men eyebrow . 1.Introduction […]

Keratin Lashes | Keratin Lashes Lift

Keratin Lashes | Keratin Lashes Lift  角蛋白翘睫 Keratin Lash Lift SOQ brings the latest Keratin Lash Lift from Japan technology that thoroughly nourishes and protects eyelashes without damaging lashes. Giving you an illusion of lengthening, natural, and voluminous finishing. NOT Eyelash Perming, Lasting 6-8 Week (Depend on lashes cycles) NOT Eyelash Regrow, can be nourishing […]

Eyelash Extension | Professional Eyelash Course

Eyelash Extension Course

Eyelash Extension | Professional Eyelash Extension 日韩专业嫁接睫毛课程 Professional  Volume Eyelash Extension 4 in 1 Professional Single + Camellia+ Y Style + W Style lashes Extension Eyelash extensions have become the a fastest growing treatment worldwide & Our SOQ Eyelash Extension courses follows Korean standard. Speed ,Softness,Lasting,Volume ,Natural. Learn the techniques to provide 4 in 1 professional single […]