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Beauty and Make Up | Best Beauty Courses For You

beauty and make up

Beauty and Make Up | Best Beauty Courses For You Learn beauty and make up course in Singapore, designed for individuals, beautician and professionals. Search and learn from Singapore top 20 best rating courses, which include facial course, body massage course, lash extension course, eyebrow course, palmistry course, breast care course, womb care course and MORE! […]

Japan Face Lift | Face Lifting

Japan Face Lift | Face Lifting  日式精雕管理 Japan Face Lifting SOQ exclusive technique is non-invasive, non-swollen, non-painful, and achieves a small face effect at one time Korugi helps muscles to tighten and relax, restore them to their original position and achieve shape adjustment Kogao utilizes special techniques to reshape the structure of your face, jaw you […]

Guasha Course | Korea Lymph Face Guasha

Guasha Course | Korea Lymph Face Guasha 韩式刮痧管理 This is korea latest Surgical Drain Program. After a surgery, fluid may collect inside your surgical area. This makes an infection or other problems more likely. SOQ signature Surgical Drain allows the fluid to flow out and to help the lymph run a bit quicker to drain your […]

Bojing Course | Health Care Meridian

Bojing Course | Health Care Meridian 健康脸部松筋 1 Minute Health Booster Healthy Face Meridian is Our Signature ‘Songjin’ intensively and effectively targets all face meridian channels and  acupuncture point to treat these internal and external factors simultaneously, we will address the physical, hormonal and emotional imbalances that may be present in your skin’s condition. This […]