Guasha Course | Korea Lymph Face Guasha

Guasha Course | Korea Lymph Face Guasha 韩式刮痧管理

This is korea latest Surgical Drain Program. After a surgery, fluid may collect inside your surgical area. This makes an infection or other problems more likely. SOQ signature Surgical Drain allows the fluid to flow out and to help the lymph run a bit quicker to drain your face of toxins and impurities exit the body faster and leaving you with a natural-looking face.

The best part: it’s not just a quick-drain-it procedure. It also can achieve a detoxification to clear our daily Bacteria, Allergen, Free radical and treat Acne, Allergy, Aging and etc. skin problems

1.What is Korean lymphatic scraping? Where to excrete toxins
2.Why lymphatic drainage is important to the human body
3.The difference between lymph and vascular system
4.What are the benefits and contraindications
5.Location of the lymphatic system of the face
6.How to operate the Korean lymphatic system
7.The Principle of action for facial lymph
8.Audience: This course is suitable for beauty salons, massage health centers, and personal healthcare DIY

韩式淋巴刮痧排毒课程韩式皮肤管理采用韩国院长【独门】技术与手法针对整形或微整手术前后必须皮肤排水管理课程,手术后会堆积液体在于伤口而引起红肿发炎,此课程使用特殊淋巴+刮痧有效技能达到液体快速排出,立即还原健康自然的肌肤。此课程不仅于排水-同时可以彻底管理皮肤表层和深层的问题,清除皮肤的自由基,细菌,过敏原,重金属等等,改善严重痘痘,过敏,敏感,皮肤中毒等问题 。


Mode of training:Online + Classroom 
 Mandarin/ English
Venue: 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858 (Somerset MRT)


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Hotline: +65 69963383 (Singapore)
Whatsapp 1: https://wa.me/6586867341
Whatsapp 2: https://wa.me/6587889618
Venue: 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858

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