Trainer Course | Train to Trainer

Trainer Course | Train to Trainer  培训导师课程

Trainer course & Benefits of Trainer

  1. Develop and refine your skills
  2. Become a better communicator and sharing attitude
  3. Feel more engaged in your career
  4. Get respect
  5. Earn more
  6. Time Freedom + Connection+ Oversea

Course Content:

1st Day

  1. Instruction of Participants, Session Description and objectives
  2. Purpose of Training is to Produce Change
  3. Quality required to be a Trainer
  4. Principle of Adults Learning
  5. Self Analysis
  6. Analyzing the need for training
  7. Rules for successful training program
  8. Lesson Plan and course design (Goal, Audience, Objective, and Content)

2nd Day

  1. Identify Training Method/Resources/Activities
  2. Identify Learning Evaluation Strategies
  3. Facilitating Group Discussions and Making Training Fun
  4. Dealing with Difficult Trainee
  5. Review & Action Plan (Course Evaluation and Group Feedback)
  6. Summary 10 Tips for developing a successful training session

3rd Day

  1. Live for training
  2. Future planning
  3. Costing calculate

All qualified trainers can join our SOQ partner and become part of SOQ School family and we continue to offer life repeat train to trainer class, train how to do recruitment or advertise method, follow-up method, trainer profile support, live training support, products support, certificate support, location support, training materials support, advice and further training to enhance your business.

您已经厌倦每天都是过着一样的上班程序吗?:去公司,查邮件或服务客户,回复消息,午餐,更多邮件更多服务 – 等等。如果你的职业生涯停滞不前,那么可能是时候改变一切。最简单的方法-就是成为一名培训导师。


5. 单位时间高价值回报



  1. 学员的指导,课程描述和目标设定
  2. 培训的目的与产生变革模式
  3. 培训导师的道德规范要求
  4. 自我分析,学员分析
  5. 分析培训的必要性
  6. 成功培训计划的规则
  7. 成人学习原则
  8. 课程计划和课程设计(目标,学员,标题和内容)


  1. 确定培训方法/资源/活动
  2. 确定学习评估策略
  3. 促进小组讨论和培训乐趣
  4. 处理困难的学员
  5. 审查和行动计划(课程评估和小组反馈)
  6. 总结10种培养成功培训课程的技巧


  1. 实战培训演练
  2. 培训未来的规划
  3. 培训成本计算

Mode of training:Online + Classroom 
 Mandarin/ English
Venue:277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858(Somerset MRT)


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Establish in 2013, SOQ is a regional leader organisation in providing end to end management consulting services. In SOQ, we work closely with our valued customers to increase their readiness level to implement Enterprise Project Management. This includes workplace skills training, methodology development, implementation tools implementation and assessment. We also work closely with other local and oversea training provider to provide top quality courses and skill to all trainees. Read More

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Venue: 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway #B2-14 Singapore 238858

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